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At Luxury Daily, we welcome dialogue and treat every email and phone call received with due respect. We invite you to reach out to our editors and reporters with story ideas, tips and opinion pieces. Our subscription team and advertising and webinar/events sponsorship sales staff are also ready to help you meet your subscription and marketing goals. Here are the contact details:

Luxury Daily
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New York, NY 10022
Paid subscription sign-up or cancellations (9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays, no weekends): 845-267-3066 (local), 844-245-7509 (toll free), email:
Advertising: (no subscription queries, please – this email does not reach that department)
News: (no subscription queries, please – this email does not reach that department)

Editor in chief: Mickey Alam Khan,
Staff writer: Amirah Keaton,
General news email: and


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Column and contributed article submissions
We welcome well-written articles and insightful analysis from marketers and industry experts.

Please email Mickey at with a brief description of the contributed article idea.

Contributed articles should be 600 to 700 words in length and a deep dive into the approved topic within luxury advertising, marketing, media and commerce. Short sentences, short paragraphs and limited use of jargon are appreciated.

No hard sell or self-promotion and no reproduction of that article for other publications are allowed. We do not pay for contributed articles. All articles submitted to Luxury Daily are copyright of Napean.

The views reflected in the article are the author’s and do not necessarily represent this publication’s opinion. We have no agenda but to present both sides of the story, either in our reporting or commissioned analyses and opinions.

Turnaround time is two weeks from the time the idea was approved for a contributed article.

The article should be submitted as a Microsoft Word document, with the author’s name, title, company, city, state and email address listed at the bottom. Please attach a high-resolution 300dpi JPEG color headshot of the author. Thank you.

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