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Zenith inspires with diverse stories of female empowerment
November 19, 2020
The second woman Zenith features is Spanish architect and painter Teresa J. Cuevas. She has left a lasting mark in the world of architecture and design and expresses herself through abstract art. At a crossroads in her career, Ms. Cuevas made a decision to pursue her passion for art fully and has poured her energy into painting, using her platform as a means to express a message of simplicity, light and peace. Song Jia is the third woman represented in the empowering campaign and has dreamt of becoming a great actor since she was young. Ms. Jia has become one of the most accomplished and inspirational actors of her generation in China. Ms. Jia uses her vast success as a platform to spread awareness for environmental issues. As an ambassador of the United Nations Environment Program, Ms. Jia promotes sustainability to a younger demographic and advocates the preservation of Chinese wildlife through the WWF’s Earth Hour Campaign. [caption id="attachment_317621" align="alignnone" width="465"] Teresa J. Cuevas is an accomplished architect and abstract painter. Image credit: Zenith[/caption] The fourth and final young woman to be featured is American ballet dancer Precious Adams who is recognized as one of the preeminent stars in the world of classical dance. At the peak of her career, Ms. Adams is a member of the renowned English National Ballet company. Ms. Adams is a vocal champion of diversity and inclusiveness, passionately working towards bringing about lasting change to the art form she has dedicated her life to learning. Inclusive luxury Brands have been moving towards inclusivity within products and business structures for the past few years and have only accelerated inclusivity efforts in response to the events of